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Welcome to Phaya Thai Street Food.

"Welcome to Phaya Thai Street Food - Indianapolis, IN. Fresh & fast Thai street food served like in the markets of Bangkok. A common way to eat is a “Khao Gaeng” stall, where you can try a variety of dishes.
One of the things that visitors and tourists love about Thailand is the abundance of delicious food everywhere with street food vendors and markets open late into the night.
A common way to dine is going to a “Khao Gaeng” stall. It’s common in Bangkok and at side street eateries all over the country. It’s a popular choice especially during a rush hour when people don’t have much time to sit and wait for food at a restaurant.

Khao Gaeng means “Rice with a topping”. It is what Thais call the dishes that are already prepared and ready to serve. You just walk to the vendor, point to what you want and they’ll serve it on top of rice. You can mix several toppings on one plate. The nice thing about Khao Gaeng is that it’s a good opportunity to try new dishes, mix and match, and explore flavors you have never tried before, making an easy introduction to Thai Cuisine. You could view our menu and online order ahead - no hassle"

Phaya Thai Street Food  

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